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B2BKing - #1 B2B & Wholesale Plugin for WooCommerce

B2BKing is the ultimate solution for running a Wholesale, B2B, hybrid B2B+B2C, or Private Membership store with WooCommerce.

Hide prices for guests, set up tax exemptions, a wholesale order form, business registration, quotes, invoice payments, tiered discounts, wholesale pricing, and so much more...
139 + More Features & Functions     ->     Most Powerful B2B Solution
4.98 Star Review Average
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B2BKing - #1 WooCommerce B2B and Wholesale Plugin

B2BKing is the complete solution for running a Wholesale, B2B, hybrid B2B+B2C, or Private Membership store with WooCommerce.

B2BKing takes care of everything, from basic B2B aspects such as hiding prices for guest users, to complex features such as tiered pricing structures, tax exemptions, VAT handling, and multiple buyers on account. From an extended business registration and separate B2B/B2C registration forms, to custom billing fields, an invoice payment gateway and negotiated price offers, B2BKing does it all.

137+ Features. Incredible Value.

B2BKing is a simple to use, yet incredibly powerful plugin, with probably the richest feature set of any b2b plugin. It has all the common wholesale features other plugins offer such as:

and many unique, special features, designed to meet the needs of wholesale stores:

1-Minute Animated Video Explainer

How does B2BKing compare with other wholesale plugins?

See our features page for more details and comparisons.

We believe B2BKing to be the most advanced wholesale e-commerce solution on the market today, with almost three times as many features as its competitors + a light and easy-to-use UI. No other plugin bundles a wholesale order form, purchase lists, offers, dynamic rules, messaging system, wholesale pricing and 130+ more features in a powerful and integrated way.

Need more features?

Multivendor Marketplace:
We also have add-ons for Dokan and WCFM.

Sales Agents & Reps:
Company Credit Line:

B2BKing 3.0 is here


Business Registration Preview

Powerful business registration setups, with 9 types of custom fields, VAT support, file upload, roles dropdown and much more:

Conversations Frontend Preview

Conversations feature that supports messaging, quote requests, negotiations, email notifications, multiple users integration (multiple users in the same company can participate through the subaccounts feature), and much more:

Wholesale Order Form Preview

Wholesale order form with AJAX Search, Search by SKU, Save form as purchase list, and more. The order form comes with 3 stunning themes you can choose from, with different designs and options.

Subaccounts Preview

Subaccounts feature that allows each company to create and manage multiple users, set permissions for each user. Multiple users can participate in a conversation. The "placed by" column shows which user placed which order:

Tiered Pricing Preview

You can enter price tiers and price by quantity in the backend, and the plugin will automatically generate a tiered pricing table. The table design will adapt to any theme, by using the theme's table class. Supports Variable Products.

New! - Tiered % discounts can now be created in bulk through tiered price rules.

Bulk Variations Table Preview

Customers can quickly view all variations of a variable product in a easy-to-use format, adding multiple options to cart at once.

B2BKing Reviews - From Our Amazing Customers

Documentation - Available Online

Comprehensive documentation with over 100+ documentation articles covering a wide variety of topics and tasks. There is also dedicated developer documentation covering hooks, functions, snippets and custom code.

Theme Compatibility

B2BKing is built to be compatible with any WooCommerce theme and we frequently use it with the most popular themes on the market today: Flatsome, WoodMart, Shopkeeper, Avada, Divi, Porto, XStore, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok, Atelier, Legenda, Mr. Tailor, Aurum, WooPress, WooStore, Uncode, Storefront and others. For more info on theme selection, you can read our theme information article.

Have a Pre-Sales Question?

Contact our support team.
Please submit a ticket to the "B2BKing Pre-Sales Questions" category.


Demo 1: Standard (Storefront theme)
Back End - Admin Demo:
Front End Demo (Shop and My Account):

Demo 2: Stylish (Savoy theme) (New!)
Back End - Admin Demo:
Front End Demo (Shop and My Account):

Username: demo
Password: demo

Major Releases

Release 4.1.0

  • Separate B2B & B2C Inventory. Either use entirely separate stock levels for B2B and B2C customers, or use the same stock quantity, but enable backorders for B2B users, allowing them to order out of stock products.

Release 3.8.0

  • Send Offers by Email. This also works for guest users. For example you can receive a quote request from a user, and easily convert that to an offer that is sent to their email address.

  • Change Group Based on Total Purchase Value. For example you can automatically move "B2B" users to the "VIP" group when they reach $100,000 in purchases. You can use this to incentivize customers, for example by offering ranks with discounts at higher levels.

Release 3.1.0

Release 2.2.0

  • B2B Dashboard with Sales Charts, Registration Approval, Messages & Orders

  • Custom Information Table in Site Frontend for Products

  • Tiered Pricing in Product Backend

  • Different Pricing for Each User Group - Different Prices for Different Users

  • B2BKing Panel in Product Backend
  • Dynamic Rule: Payment Method Minimum Order and Maximum Order.
    Example: Bank Transfer is available only for orders of $1000 or more.
  • Dynamic Rule: Payment Method Discount.
    Example: 10% discount for paying via Credit Card
  • Dynamic Rule: Buy X Get 1 Free Discount.
    Example: Buy 3, get 1 free
  • B2BKing Groups now associated with their own WP Role

Release 2.1.0

Release 2.0.0 - Bulk Editor Tool

Release 1.8.0 - Prices in Product Page + CSV Import / Export Tool

Release: 1.7.0 - High Performance & Caching

Release: 1.5.0 - Improved Groups

Initial Release - Features Showcase

Detailed Features List:

New! features

  • Company Order Approval - Approve or Reject Employee Orders
  • Separate B2B & B2C Stock
  • Hide Stock for B2C or Hide Specific Quantities
  • Convert Quotes to Offers
  • Users can download Offers as PDFs with your Company Logo
  • Offers can be sent via Email, inc. to Guest Users
  • Automatic group changes based on total purchase value
  • Manage Custom Quote Fields
  • Purchase List Downloads as CSV
  • Coupon Usage Restriction for B2B / B2C / Roles
  • Tiered Pricing in Product Backend
  • Purchase Order Gateway
  • Quick Orders via CSV
  • Purchase List Downloads as CSV
  • Coupon Usage Restriction for B2B / B2C / Roles
  • Tiered Pricing in Product Backend
  • Tiered Pricing Table in Frontend
  • Custom Information Table in Frontend
  • Dedicated B2B Dashboard
  • Withholding Tax (Ritenuta D'Acconto)
  • Replace cart with Quote Request Dynamic Rule
  • Product price in product page
  • CSV Import / Export Tool
  • Bulk Editor Tool
  • Shipping inclusion in VAT Tax Calculation
  • Hide website entirely / force login
  • Accounting subtotals (currency accurate format)
  • Dynamic Caching and Usage Detection
  • B2B Registration at Checkout
  • Wholesale Order Form Search by SKU
  • Multi-Select Products and Categories for Dynamic Rules
  • B2B Registration Shortcodes
  • WPML Translation Support
  • Full Variable Product Support across all plugin functions

Customer Groups

  • Organize users in Customer Groups
  • Automatic group changes based on Total Purchase Value (e.g. move "B2B" users to "VIP" when they reach $200,000 in purchases) (New!)

Product Visibility Control

Product Category visibility:
  • Group-based visibility or individually set for each user
Individual product visibility:
  • Category-based, or individually set for each product
  • If individually set -> Group-based visibility or individually set for each user
What you can achieve with this: Product categories available to only specific customer groups
Specific products available to only some customer groups
Product categories available to only specific customers
Specific products available to only specific customers

Shipping Methods and Payment Methods

  • Enable / Disable Shipping Methods by User or Group
  • Enable / Disable Payment Methods by User or Group

Extended Registration and B2B Registration

Registration Roles
  • Create custom registration roles (e.g. B2B, Reseller, Individual Customer)
  • On registration, user chooses role from dropdown
  • Depending on the role chosen, user sees particular custom registration fields
  • Set approval as automatic or manual for each role
  • Automatically assign registration role to customer group
  • 2 default roles: B2B and Individual Customer
Custom Registration Fields
  • Choose from 9 different field types: text, number, textarea, checkbox, telephone, select, email, date, file upload
  • Set for which registration roles a field should be visible
  • Set field as required or not
  • Set field sort order
  • Set field as editable after registration
  • Set field label and placeholder
  • Set billing field connection so that after registration “billing details” are automatically filled
  • Ability to add custom field to billing/checkout
  • Ability to make custom field billing-exclusive (not visible in registration)
  • 10 default registration fields: company name, address, city, etc.
Special VAT Field (EU VAT)
  • Add VAT in registration, billing, or both
  • Make VAT visible only for some countries
  • Option for automatic VAT VIES Validation
  • Add VAT to billing/checkout
  • Make VAT required or not
  • Deep integration with “Tax Exemption”:
    • Provide tax exemptions to users depending on whether they have a valid VAT
    • Enable tax exemptions only for users in particular countries, depending on whether they are B2B or B2C
    • Automatically sets incl. excl. VAT suffix on prices (New!)
    • For example: exempt Austrian B2B users with valid VAT, but not German users.
    • Another example: B2B sales: VAT can be applied for Italian customers, and not applied for EU and Extra-EU customers. B2C sales: VAT can be applied for Italian customers and for EU customers but not applied for Extra-EU customers.
    • Read more in the “tax exemptions” section.
Manual Account Approval
  • Dedicated “Registration Data” section in each user’s profile in the backend
  • View account details for each user prior to approval
  • Download associated files prior to approval (e.g. company license).
  • Approve or reject user
  • If approve the user, choose which customer group to assign the user to
  • Email notifications that a new customer needs approval/user account has been approved. See dedicated “Email Notifications” section.

Extended Billing and Checkout

  • Extended billing and checkout through custom fields

Customers Panel

  • Sort users by Company, Group, Customer type (B2B/B2C), etc.
  • Can view which users are main accounts and which users are subaccounts

B2B & B2C Hybrid Support

  • Plugin status can be “B2B Shop” or “B2B & B2C” hybrid
  • B2B features are hidden for B2C users
  • Individual control over whether user is B2B or B2C
  • Deep integration with other features:
    • Integration with registration: allow user to register as either B2B or B2C
    • Ability to require manual account approval for B2B roles and automatic approval for B2C roles
    • Features like “Quote Requests”, “Offers” or “Conversations” can be available to only B2B users
  • Separate B2B and B2C registration, either via dropdown, either completely via shortcode

Enable/Disable components

  • Enable only the components you need. Easily disable: bulk order form, conversations, offers, purchase lists, subaccounts

Guest Access Restriction

For guest users, ability to:
  • Hide prices
  • Hide B2B website entirely
  • Replace prices with “Request a Quote”


  • Built-in messaging system between admin and customer
  • Conversations section added in “My Account” for each individual user
  • 3 types of conversations: inquiry, message or quote request
  • Deep integration with “Request a Quote” feature:
    • Quote requests start a conversation and allow negotiation
  • Deep integration with “Subaccounts” feature:
    • Multiple users can participate in the same conversation
    • If a subaccount has “conversations” permission, it can participate in account conversations
  • Conversation status: new, open, resolved
  • Website admin can also start conversations with users
  • New conversation/new message email notification:
    • Emails are only sent if messages have been unread for 10 minutes -> no email spam takes place


Offers allow you to give users/groups specific items with specific quantities and unit prices. For example: 1000 boxes at $0.1 unit price. You can give a user a specific offer, following a negotiation. You can also create seasonal or promotional offers and make them available to customer groups.
  • Download Offers as PDF files with Company Logo. (New!)
  • Send Offers / Quotes via Email. (New!)
  • Add an unlimited number of products to offers and set quantities and prices.
  • Offers visibility:
    • Group visibility
    • Individual user visibility
  • Offers section added in “My Account” for each individual user
  • Each user sees only offers they have permission/access to
  • Ability to add offers directly to cart and checkout from “My Account”
  • Offers are ideal for negotiating with users
  • Offers are ideal for creating seasonal or promotional bundles

Request a Quote

  • Configure custom quote form fields. Choose form 9 different field types: text, number, textarea, checkbox, telephone, select, email, date, file upload. (New!)
  • Convert quotes to offers easily. (New!)
  • Users can start quote requests from the “Conversations” section
  • Users can start quote requests from Cart and ask for a custom quote for their current cart contents
  • Quote requests are received by the website admin in the backend.
  • Website admin is notified by email when a new quote request occurs.
  • Quote requests open conversations and allow a discussion/negotiation between parties.
  • Guest users can also request quotes and leave their emails to be contacted

Purchase Lists / Shopping Lists

  • Users can create an unlimited number of purchase lists
  • Users can add purchase lists to cart
  • Save cart contents as purchase list -> “Save as purchase list button” extends cart buttons
  • “Purchase Lists” section added to “My Account”
  • Create purchase lists from My Account directly
  • Create and modify purchase lists through Instant AJAX-powered product search form

Wholesale Bulk Order Form

  • Instant AJAX-powered product search form
  • Instant subtotal calculation
  • Save bulk order form contents as “Purchase List” for later usage
  • Support for product images in search (New!)
  • Enforces stock quantity limits (New!)
  • Shortcode allows you to add the bulk order form anywhere in the website
  • “Bulk Order Form” section added to “My Account” by default
  • Tiered pricing is now compatible (price adapts to qty) (New!)
  • 3 beautiful themes with different designs and styling (New!)

Multiple buyers per account (Subaccounts)

  • “Subaccounts” section added to “My Account”
  • Each B2B account can create and manage subaccounts for their company
  • Subaccounts can access the same pricing and products as the main account
  • Set permissions for each subaccount: view account orders, place orders, view conversations, view purchase lists, view offers etc.
  • Set name, job title, phone number, email, username and password for subaccount
  • Orders extended with “Placed by” column to show which user placed a particular order
  • Account and multiple subaccounts can participate in the same conversations (if they have permission).

Email Notifications

  • Email notification to admin about a new customer
  • Email notification to admin that a new customer needs manual review and approval
  • Email notification to the user that their account requires manual review
  • Email notification to the user that their account has been approved.
  • Email notification to admin and user that there is a new conversation/message/quote request

Dynamic Rules System

Through dynamic rules, you can set: discounts (amount or percentage), fixed price, hidden price, free shipping, minimum and maximum orders (quantity or value), required multiples ( box quantity / carton quantity ), tax exemptions, add tax or fee (amount or percentage). Choose which products/categories a rule applies to. Choose for which users or user groups a rule applies to. Can also choose: all registered users, all guest users, all B2B users, and all B2C users Add conditions to each rule: total cart quantity and value, category quantity and value, product quantity and value. Example: a “free shipping” rule can apply only if the user orders at least $1000 worth of product and at least 500 pieces. This allows incredible versatility and full control over each individual user Examples of things you can achieve:
  • Different prices for different users for the same product: Mark sees $499 but John sees $399 for the same product
  • Bulk discounts: pricing that gets lower as quantity increases
  • Tiered pricing: X price for 1-100 pieces, Y price for 100-1000 pieces
  • Minimum product quantity
  • Minimum category quantity
  • Minimum cart total
  • Group-based free shipping: exclusive free shipping for certain customer roles
  • Quantity discounts per customer group
  • Minimum purchase threshold per customer group
  • Hide prices for selected categories only
  • Hide prices only for some products
  • Set a carton quantity (e.g. 12 items per carton) for a product.
For details about how “Dynamic Rules” work, see our dedicated article: Dynamic Rules

Extended “Re-order”

  • Reorder button added to admin my account orders view
  • Reordering adds a note letting the admin know that a specific order is a reorder of X order

Offline payment methods

  • Invoice gateway method

Theme Compatibility

  • Tested with wide range of themes
  • Compatible with top WooCommerce Envato themes: Flatsome, Porto, Shopkeeper, XStore, WoodMart, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok, etc.
  • Compatible with WooThemes themes such as WooStore
  • Working out-of-the-box with 99% themes out there


  • 100% translateable, built based on WordPress internationalization standards
  • Translate B2BKing to any language
  • Loco Translate Support
  • WPML Support
  • Currently we have customer-provided translations for: ITALIAN, FRENCH, DUTCH, NORWEGIAN, POLISH, GERMAN, RUSSIAN, ROMANIAN (frontend).
  • We're looking for additional translations! If you can provide a translation for your language, please contact us. We're particularly interested in Spanish and Portuguese translations. We can provide additional support or other perks in exchange.

WordPress Multisite Support

  • Support for configurations with two separate B2B and B2C websites, part of a WordPress multisite setup

Long-term Vision and Roadmap. Trusted B2B implementation.

We are committed to making B2BKing the leader in WordPress B2B and wholesale e-commerce. B2BKing is a long-term project that we are constantly developing and supporting, with an ambitious roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions - Pre Sales

Can B2BKing be added to an existing B2C site without affecting existing customers?
Yes! B2BKing has a dedicated ‘B2B & B2C Hybrid’ mode. This allows you to add it to your site without affecting the experience of B2C users. B2B features would only be available to B2B users after they login.

Is there support if I run into any issue?
Of course! We have a dedicated support center and we aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours or less during business days. Our 5.0 star review average highlights our commitment to fast, actually helpful, in-depth support.

We consider technical problems our responsibility. We address every single issue reported to us, and go in-depth to debug and troubleshoot problems, including testing directly on customers' sites.

Is this for B2B-only sites? Can it support B2B + B2C ?
B2BKing is ideal for both types of sites, and has 2 dedicated modes, one for each of these situations.

Can I hide prices for logged out users?
Yes, B2BKing has an easy to use feature that hides prices until users login. More info here

Can I hide prices for specific products only?
Yes, you can do this with B2BKing’s ‘Hidden Price’ dynamic rules. These can be configured for specific products, and even specific users or user groups.

Can I set a minimum order?
Yes, you can use B2BKing’s Minimum Order rules to set minimum order quantities as well as minimum order values.

Can I set wholesale prices or different prices for different groups?
Yes! B2BKing has a powerful dedicated feature for this. Not only that, B2BKing also has tiered pricing and a tiered pricing table, allowing you to offer better prices as the quantity ordered increases.

Can I set a package / box / carton quantity?
Yes, B2BKing has ‘required multiple’ dynamic rules that can force a certain quantity multiple. So for example if you set it to 8 for a specific product, users will only be able to purchase multiples of 8 and the quantity field will go from 8, to 16, 24, 32, etc.

Can I set customer-specific pricing?
Yes, you can create ‘Fixed Price’ dynamic rules, which allow you to select individual users (by username), specific products and specific prices. These rules can also be created via REST API quickly.

Can I hide some products completely for some users?
Yes! B2BKing can not only hide price, but it can also hide products entirely using the plugin’s visibility module. This can be configured for specific products, categories, users or user groups. More info here


Rated 4.98 out of 5
4.98 out of 5 stars (based on 96 reviews)
Very good2%

Keep up the good work!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 8, 2020

This plugin is by far the most promising!

In order to do what this plugin does, you have to install many plugins, which costs money and are heavy.

Is new so it will have road to run but I see a lot of oportunity here and it has great support. Lite with nice and easy UI.

Keep it up!!


Response from KingsPlugins

Thank you so much Michael! :)

Screenshots - Gallery

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Version:  latestversion  (changelog)

- Minimum WooCommerce 5.0.0+
- Minimum WordPress 5.0.0+

Translation:  Fully translateable to any language
Supported Translation Plugins:  WPML, Loco Translate
Existing Translations:  Italian, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Danish, German, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Compatible Themes:
- Works with any theme that supports WooCommerce.
- See theme selection advice & suggestions.

Compatible Plugins:
- Majority (99%) of WordPress plugins are compatible.
- Elementor, WPBakery
- WOOCS currency switcher

10 July 2024
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