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The checkout will collect tax / VAT / GST, etc. depending on the country and state selected, based on your country's legal requirements. These taxes are remitted to the respective government tax authorities.

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Tax Depends on Country and Postcode

The tax collected is based on your country and postcode.

For example if "United States" and "10000" are chosen, collected tax will be $0.

(no tax for the above country and postcode)

Our Company's Details

When purchasing our plugins, you are purchasing from Paddle.

Paddle.com Market Ltd

Judd House 18-29 Mora Street
London, EC1V 8BT
United Kingdom

Company Number: 08172165

Paddle has multiple registrations for VAT, GST, ARN etc. in various countries - you will receive the appropriate invoice depending on your address and / or legal status if you are a company.

For US buyers: Paddle.com Inc

3811 Ditmars Blvd #1071
New York, 11105-1803
United States

How to enter a VAT / GST number and company details to pay without VAT

If your company has a VAT, GST or other tax number which entitles you to purchase without VAT or tax, you can enter it during checkout as follows:

Step 1) During checkout, you must first click on "Continue" in order to get to the payment step:

Step 2) Now you will see a button to add your VAT number and company details here:

Step 3) Enter company details, and scroll down to click that "Add VAT Number" button:

After clicking on it, VAT should then be removed.

You will also get an invoice with your company details.

Video example:

If you have any issues with removing VAT, it may help to see our video example here:

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to add Company Details and VAT / GST