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Licensing & Activation FAQ

Where can I find my license key (purchase code)?

I purchased on KingsPlugins.com - Where is my KingsPlugins license key?
I purchased on CodeCanyon (Envato/ThemeForest): Where is my Envato purchase code?

How to activate if I purchased on King's Plugins.com?

1. Go to your site's backend, to B2BKing / SalesKing / MarketKing -> License
2. Enter your email and license key, and click 'Activate':
(Note: You cannot enter the key in the free plugin's settings. You must first install the Pro plugin. Please see the respective 'quick start guide' of the plugin you purchased).

How to activate if I purchased on CodeCanyon (Envato / Themeforest)?

1. You will first need to create a free account on KingsPlugins.com. You can use any email address you would like.
2. Go to your site's backend, to B2BKing / SalesKing / MarketKing -> License
3. Enter the email of the account you just created and the Envato purchase code, then click on 'Activate License':

Can I activate my license on a staging / dev site without "losing" the license? How do I deactivate a website?

Yes! You can activate the license on your staging site, and then 'deactivate' it.
To deactivate the license from a site, you can go to your My Account section -> Downloads and Licenses, and use the 'Deactivate' button

This way you can activate or deactivate the license any number of times - the only requirement is that the license cannot be active on more sites than the license allows at the same time.

If the license expires, will I no longer be able to use the plugin?

You will always be able to use the plugin, even after the license expires. The plugin will still work normally.
However, you will not have access to the latest plugin updates and to the technical support service. 

Can I change the website / domain without losing the license?

You can change the website / domain at any time by simply deactivating the license from your account.

Will I get automatic updates after activation?

Yes! The plugin will automatically update after activation. You will see a green license message saying the plugin license is valid and active:
Updates will be available in the backend under the Plugins page: