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Setting up a WooCommerce B2B website is no easy feat! WooCommerce is famous for its flexibility, but by default, the platform is entirely focused on regular retail stores, with no features for business-to-business e-commerce.

Luckily there is a huge ecosystem of plugins, including WooCommerce B2B plugins that attempt to solve this problem. But which one is the right plugin for your shop, and how can you put together such a platform?

How to set up a B2B store with WooCommerce

If you're a developer or very familiar with custom coding, a lot can be achieved with code and code snippets. For example snippets such as the next one will help hide prices for logged out users.

Alternatively, the easiest option and the one that can be the fastest way to develop is to simply use a dedicated B2B plugin for WooCommerce. There are a number of such plugins, but none is as popular as our B2BKing - Ultimate B2B Plugin for WooCommerce solution, with over 10,000+ active installs.

With over 100 features and functions, the plugin aims to solve absolutely everything for your B2B store.

Among other things, it will help you hide prices, offer wholesale discounts, minimum orders, a powerful bulk order form, invoices, purchase orders, purchase lists, separate B2B stock, and so much more...

B2BKing also works perfectly together with the SalesKing Sales Agents and Reps plugin.

SalesKing is a powerful plugin on its own (standalone plugin) with dozens of features to help you set up a sales / reps team. Agents can communicate with customers, place orders on their behalf, earn commissions, offer coupons, view their earnings, create 'subagents', affiliate links, and a lot more!

B2BKing and SalesKing are a powerful combination and hundreds of stores use them together to equip their platforms with powerful B2B capabilities.

Top 10 Most Important B2B Features

1) Tiered Pricing

When you have a B2B store and sell to companies, (or perhaps you sell both retail and B2B), a simple pricing structure with a standard price will not do!

With B2BKing you can instead set up a complex tiered structure, offering quantity discounts. This way you incentivise wholesale buyers to purchase more by offering a better price as quantity purchased increases.

Tiered Pricing Table

An easy-to-understand pricing table is automatically generated. You can also set up this kind of pricing structure in bulk for all your products by simply entering quantity ranges and discount percentages within tiered pricing rules.

2) Set up a Private Store

A B2B platform often needs to be private - each customer may have a different product catalog, different terms and different prices. Our plugins are ideal for this, and you can set different pricing and terms for each individual user or user group.

You can also protect the site from guests and either hide prices, or require users to login to view the site and its products.

Login to Access the B2B Portal

For example, in the above screenshot the plugin protects the shop behind a login / registration page - the user is asked to login in order to access the portal.

3) Multiple Buyers Per Company (Employee Accounts)

Businesses will often have not just one, but multiple contacts working with your platform to place orders, restock products, communicate requirements, etc.

In this case, you will need to connect multiple accounts to a company and keep track of relationships.

B2B User Accounts Organised by Company / Group

B2BKing introduces a powerful Subaccounts feature. A main company account can create multiple sub-accounts, and set specific permissions for each account. For example the main account can enable 'company order approval', allowing subaccounts to place orders, but reviewing each order before it goes through.

4) Offers / Packages / Bundles

B2B buyers need to purchase a lot! Bundles and offers are great ways for them to try our multiple products at the right price.

Offer Interface on Site Frontend

Our B2B plugin introduces a simple way of creating offers, bundling multiple products together and setting a unit price for each product. These offers can even be emailed as a PDF, branded with your company's logo.

Furthermore, when a custom requests a quote, you can reply with an offer personalised to their needs.

5) Organising Customers Into Groups

In B2B e-commerce, each buyer is different. You may deal with small mom&pop shops, or large resellers that need to place big orders. B2BKing allows you to sort customers into 'Business Groups', and offer different terms / prices and options for each group.

B2B Groups

For example here are just a few of the things you could set up:

The plugin's goal is flexibility and there are dozens of rules and ways you can configure things for each group or even each individual user.

6) Business Registration and Approval

You may want to first vet customers before allowing them access to your platform. You can do this easily through B2BKing's 'manual approval' feature. You can configure a complex registration form and ask all kinds of questions and information from prospective buyers - you can even require them to upload documents such as their business license or vat exemption certificate.

Then you can review their accounts and either approve or reject their accounts.

User Approval

7) Sales Reps - Manage Customer Relationships

B2B customers are important accounts! You may want to have a dedicated sales rep assigned to each customer, managing the relationship and discussing their needs. For this purpose, you can use the SalesKing plugin to create a special dashboard for each of your agents.

Agents can login here and view customers, messages, create orders, view commissions and much more...

8) Reps Place Orders for Customers

With SalesKing, an agent can discuss with a customer and then go ahead and place an order on their behalf. When doing this, the customer will receive an email with the order details and a simple 1-click 'Go to payment' page where they can pay for and finalise the order.

Email received by customers

9) Purchase Lists - Requisition Lists

When operating a WooCommerce B2B store, you may find that customers often place orders for the same products - they may find a best-seller for their own store, or perhaps they're simply re-stocking on a regular basis.

Your customers will love B2BKing's purchase lists feature. It allows them to save lists of products that they can easily add to cart with a single click, or download as a CSV file.

Purchase Lists

10) Complex Tax Setups

You may need to exempt B2B buyers from tax, or perhaps show prices including tax for B2C buyers, buy excluding tax for your B2B buyers. It is easy to achieve with B2BKing's tax exemption rules.

Tax Exemption Rule

These rules can be configured differently for each user, and even for each country. Furthermore, you can connect these to a valid VAT number (if you're from an EU country, VAT numbers can even be validated automatically through the official European API!)

Looking for more?

These are just a few of our plugin's feature. If you're looking for a specific function, read through our site, or simply go ahead and get in touch with us - open a ticket and we'll get back to you with any information you need!