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MarketKing - #1 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution

MarketKing is the ultimate multi-vendor marketplace solution for WooCommerce, with everything you need to set up your dream marketplace.

There are dozens of modules, including a powerful seller dashboard, branded vendor invoices, complex commissions, seller registration, badges, teams, earnings reports, and so much more...
137 + More Features & Functions -> Most Advanced Marketplace Solution
4.98 Star Review Average
14 - Day Money Back
100% No Risk Guarantee
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MarketKing - #1 WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution

MarketKing is the ultimate multi-vendor marketplace solution for WooCommerce, with everything you need to set up your dream marketplace.

Grow a thriving marketplace business, while earning commission and subscription fees. Whether you're building a marketplace for fashion items, foods, arts, toys, jewelry, electronics or even digital software downloads, MarketKing can do it all!

There are 137+ features and modules, plus dozens of integrations: a powerful seller dashboard, branded vendor invoices, a complex commissions system, seller registration, single product multiple vendors, badges, seller staff, earnings reports, and so much more!

137+ Features. Incredible Value.

MarketKing is a simple to use, yet incredibly powerful plugin, with one of the richest feature sets of any multivendor plugin. There are features such as:

and many more advanced, powerful features, ideal for multivendor stores:

Stunning Designs and Proprietary Systems

MarketKing was built from the ground up with unique designs and proprietary systems. A stunning, modern vendor dashboard will impress your sellers, whereas our unique MarketKing Cart system (cart is split by vendor) makes ordering smooth and easy for your customers.

1-Minute Animated Video Explainer


Documentation - Available Online

Theme Compatibility

MarketKing is built to be compatible with any WooCommerce theme and we have tested it with some of the most popular themes on the market today: Flatsome, WoodMart, Shopkeeper, Avada, Divi, Porto, XStore, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, MayaShop, Savoy, Basel, Atelier, Mr. Tailor, Aurum, Storefront and others.

Plugin Compatibility

Here are some of the plugins we know MarketKing to be compatible with:

For more info, see our compatibility article and documentation.

Have a Pre-Sales Question?

Contact our support team.
Please submit a ticket to the "MarketKing Pre-Sales Questions" category.

Live Demo

Electronics Marketplace - Electro Theme

Backend (Admin) demo:
Vendor Dashboard demo:

Customer and Shop demo:

More demos available at: https://demobk1.wpbay.co/marketking-demos/

MarketKing - Feature Details & Showcase

Premium Vendor Dashboard

Powerful modern, full-screen vendor dashboard with dozens of features, panels and settings. Dashboard is independent of theme and looks on all sites like in our demo. Vendors can manage everything from products, coupons and orders, to earnings, refunds, invoice settings, email notifications, & more:

Vendor Product Management

Natively integrated WooCommerce product management capabilities for vendors (restricted based on shop settings). Vendors can add & configure simple products, variations, categories, image galleries, product tags, upsells, linked products, digital downloads, etc:

Vendor Order Management

Sellers can manage their own orders through the vendor dashboard. They can add order notes, configure downloadable product permissions, download invoice or packing slip, etc:

Single Product Multiple Vendors

Advanced single product multiple vendors module, with stock & vendor priority settings, positioning control, smart cache, easy 'add to store' button, backend management, and more.

  • Vendors can edit and set product details, images & prices.
  • Optionally, vendors can be restricted to only selling existing store products.
  • Market admin can assign sellers to specific products from the backend
  • Set priority by price, vendor rating, or available stock

Stripe Connect - Automatic Split Payments (New!)

The Stripe Connect module allows vendors to connect their Stripe accounts, and receive automatic split payments. Refunds are also issued automatically by vendors with no admin intervention needed. No other Stripe plugin is needed - this is a complete standalone solution.

Vendor Products Import & Export

Vendors can add products in bulk, as well as download customizable CSV lists of their products, via their vendor dashboard, through the import/export module:

Marketplace Reports & Charts

Dedicated reports panel in the admin backend shows new registrations, order numbers, sales & commissions by vendor, and for the entire marketplace:

Vendor Registration, Custom Fields, and Approval

Powerful registration module allows you to set up multiple registration options, choose from 9+ types of custom fields, review & approve vendors automatically or manually. Use 'My Account' page, or separate 'Become a Vendor' page:

Product & Vendor Inquiries

Module for product & vendor inquiries, with email notifications and messaging system that allows in-depth discussions:

Refunds Requests

Refund requests module with dedicated panels, messaging and decision systems:

Vendor Team & Staff

Vendors can add their own teams and staff and configure detailed permissions and panel access capabilities:

Payouts & Withdrawals

Pay your vendors and use MarketKing's payouts system to record and keep track of balances. Payout emails are sent, and payments are registered in the vendor balance history. Supports bonus payments, and vendor withdrawal requests. If Stripe Connect integration is used, Payouts are not necessary - vendors get paid automatically in their Stripe accounts, as orders are placed.

Vendor Groups & Group Transfer Rules

You can organize vendors into groups and set specific limits (e.g. allowed product numbers, types or categories), available panels, commission levels, announcements, badges, etc by group. For example, one group of vendors can have access to Coupons, Invoicing, SEO and the Vacation feature, while another can only access basic features such as product and order management. Group membership can be tied to a paid subscription or single purchase.

Through group transfer rules, you can automatically move vendors across groups (e.g. 'New Vendors' are moved to the 'VIP' group when they hit $500k in total sales). When this happens, vendors can automatically get certain badges, better commissions, access to new categories, etc.

Vendor Coupon Management

Each vendor can create and manage coupons for their own products. Native Woo interface is used, so vendors have access to all standard features, usage restrictions, limits, etc.

Vendor Earnings & Charts

Through the earnings panel, vendors can easily view earnings by order, by month and more. Earnings lists can be downloaded as CSV or PDF files.

Wholesale & B2B - B2BKing Plugin Integration

Through the integration with our award-winning B2BKing plugin, vendors get access to wholesale prices, tiered pricing, product visibility, minimums, hidden pricing, etc.

Vendor Badges System

Configure vendor badges and award them to vendors manually, or automatically based on group or conditions (order number, sales value, registration time). Built with performance in mind, badges use a smart cache system that refreshes vendor badges every 24 hours.

Seller Verification

Configure verification items for your vendors to upload (e.g. proof of address, proof of identity, company license, etc). Set requirements by vendor group. Documents are checked in the backend and a log is saved. Vendors are notified of document status by email.

Vendor Vacation

Through the vendor vacation module, vendors can pause store operations, immediately, or through a scheduled close.

Abuse Reports System

Through the abuse reports feature, customers can report products that appear fake or suspicious. This module also allows vendors to report reviews. Shop admin receives and reviews reports in the site backend.

Store Policies

Each vendor can configure and format their own store policies. Dedicated policies tab will be displayed on the vendor's store page.

Store Reviews

Through the store reviews module, customers can leave reviews for products, which are aggregated and displayed on vendor pages. Vendors can report reviews to the store admin, as well as write a public reply. Reviews generate email notifications that are sent to vendors. The marketplace admin can view all reviews in the site backend.


Through the announcements feature, the market admin can broadcast an announcement message to specific vendors or groups. Announcements can also result in email notifications, based on each vendor's email preference settings.

Favorite Stores (Followers)

The favorite stores module allows customers to follow specific stores. Customers can view their favorite stores in their My Account pages. Through the use of shortcodes, you can create special pages where only favorite stores' products are shown.

Seller Documentation

MarketKing comes with a seller documentation module that allows you to set up a knowledgebase of articles that are available in your vendors' dashboards. Ideal for vendor onboarding, F.A.Q, and vendor guides.

Store Support Options

Vendors can provide store support to customers, either through an external platform, via email, or through the built-in messaging tool. Verified customers can request support on order and store pages.

Messaging Module - Admin & Shop Communication

MarketKing's messaging module not only connects vendors and customers across various features, but also allows easy communication between vendor and market admins. Both vendors and admins can initiate conversations, discussing orders, products, payouts, marketplace rules, etc.

Vendor Invoices, Packing Slips, Shipping Labels

Through the invoicing & packing module, each vendor can configure their own invoice settings. PDF invoices are auto generated for each order and suborder and can be downloaded by vendors via the order page. Vendors can add their store name, address, logo, as well as any custom info such as VAT or company data. Similarly, shipping labels, packing slips and more can be generated.

Shipping Tracking (New!)

The shipping tracking module allows vendors to enter tracking details for their shipments. Customers are notified and can easily track their packages. Supports DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS, DPD, USPS, Royal Mail and more, and vendors can also enter details for custom providers.

Zone-Wise Shipping

Through the advanced shipping module, each vendor can configure their own shipping settings by zone. Vendors can use shipping classes, and the market admin can also force enable specific methods for all vendors.

MarketKing Cart - Cart Split by Vendor

MarketKing has its own proprietary split cart system that separates products by vendor in the cart.

  • Modern display style with highest conversion rates.
  • Fees, discounts, taxes, etc are all split and displayed by vendor.
  • Classic cart can also be enabled through settings.
  • Same cart system used by large marketplaces such as Etsy.

Order Splitter for Multi Vendor Orders

Customers can order from multiple vendors at the same time, and MarketKing will automatically split these orders into multiple sub-orders.

  • Each vendor has access to only their own specific sub-orders.
  • Customers pay for the combined order but can see the status of each individual sub-order.
  • Parent orders are excluded from analytics and reports so that reports and statistics are always accurate.
  • Fees, discounts, or coupons either go to their respective orders / products, or are proportionally split between orders.

Complex Commission Options

Through commission settings and options, you can configure flat, percentage, or combined commissions based on vendor, category or tag. You can set different shipping and tax commission options, as well as multiple ways of treating Cash on Delivery orders (regular, ignored, or reversed).

Color Scheme Customizer

Through the dashboard color customizer you can easily change the color scheme of the vendor dashboard. Dashboard logo can also be configured via settings.

137+ Features and Options

MarketKing comes with well over a hundred features, as well 25+ optional and configurable modules. There are many other features, options and integrations:

  • Fully translatable to any language - Compatible with translation plugins such Loco Translate and WPML
  • Can use hundreds of WooCommerce payment gateways
  • Email Notifications for announcements, messages, payouts, ratings, vendor account approval, refunds, verifications, etc.
  • Digital Marketplace Ready - Vendors can sell downloadable digital items that customers securely download
  • If you're looking for a specific option or feature, get in touch with us.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Pre Sales

    Is there support if I run into any issue?
    Of course! We have a dedicated support center and we aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours or less during business days. Our WebWizards 4.97 star review average highlights our commitment to fast, actually helpful, in-depth support.

    We consider technical problems our responsibility. We address every single issue reported to us, and go in-depth to debug and troubleshoot problems, including testing directly in customers' sites. Can I try MarketKing before purchase? Can I get a trial?
    Since this is a downloadable product you receive the full code for after purchase (unlike SaaS solutions), we can't provide a trial. We do have a full live demo that you can test both backend and frontend. There is also a free version of the plugin (limited functionality) available on Wordpress.org.


    For details on plugin versions and updates, see changelog.


Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 17 reviews)
Very good0%

Worth every penny and more!

Rated 5 out of 5
November 18, 2022

I tried Dokan, WC Vendors, WCFM and more. MarketKing feels like an evolved version – taking inspiration from those and just making it better. And the dashboard design is leaps ahead, which was crucial for our needs. But that's not all. The support I have received is what really makes this worth every penny and more!


Best functionality and ease of use

Rated 5 out of 5
October 31, 2022

I purchased this product a couple months ago after testing every multi-vendor marketplace app and plugin available on the market. MarketKing -by far- has the best functionality and ease of use available if you're looking to set up a marketplace website. What I've been most impressed with though, has been the support. The creator is extremely responsive - often going above-and-beyond the scope of basic support. He is improving upon and adding new features constantly, directly in line with the requests or feedback from the users using his product. Couldn't recommend the product (or their support) more. Thanks for all your help so far!


Response from KingsPlugins

Thank you so much!

Feature Availability

Rated 5 out of 5
October 17, 2022


Great value!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 21, 2022

Sold @ $139, but its worth $1390.


Response from KingsPlugins

Thank you so much ! :)

Great quality

Rated 5 out of 5
September 11, 2022

An excellent plugin. You can find all your needs. I would definitely recommend.


Response from KingsPlugins

Thank you so much, Teşekkürler : )

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Version:  latestversion (changelog)

- Minimum WooCommerce 5.0.0+
- Minimum WordPress 5.0.0+

Translation:  Fully translateable to any language
Supported Translation Plugins:  WPML, Loco Translate

Compatible Themes:
- Works with any theme that supports WooCommerce.
- See theme selection advice & suggestions.

Compatible Plugins:
- Majority (99%) of WordPress plugins are compatible.
- Elementor, WPBakery

2 June 2024
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